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Fille de l'eau potable

Akos offers you solutions to provide you with pure, drinking, healthy water with a neutral pH.
Our vision is sustainable and ecological, it applies to individuals, industrialists, health and agri-food sectors, on a building or regional scale.

Atmospheric fountains produce pure water from the moisture in the air. We offer a wide range from 20 to 10,000 litres every day depending on your needs, they have the advantage of purifying the ambient air and can replace an air conditioner.

Verre d'eau

With our ATMO range discover the “alchemy” that produces drinking water from the humidity of the air using the natural condensation process and a series of appropriate filters.
Our fountains can generate 20 to 10,000 Litres of ultra pure water every day depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Life is precious, the quality of our products is the first step in protecting a fragile ecosystem.
Offering clean water and respecting sustainable development means providing a sustainable solution for the planet and its entire population.

A solution for agriculture

The agricultural sector knows the importance of water quality.

A high concentration of salt or metals can alter a crop.

Akos allows you to enjoy healthy water, optimized for irrigation

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